The Respectable Rogue

The Aristocracy Series: Book Two

Alec McHannal has made his home in Cuba, a country with a rocky and oftentimes violent history; this allows him to assume the life of a nobleman without concerns of anyone probing into his past. His life is turned upside down when his housekeeper hires a maiden who is running from a dangerous man. Alec and his household are thrust into chaos when they give her asylum.

Jazmine Lipio discovers a terrible secret in her father's absence; one that could alter the future for everyone on the small island she calls home.  In her attempt to hide from the instigator, she takes refuge on the plantation of a rich and popular Conde outside Havana. She plans to hide there only until she is able to find her father; never does it enter her mind that she might actually fall for the arrogant hacendado.

--This novel is fraught with danger, excitement, romance and intrigue, and will keep the reader guessing until its dramatic conclusion.