​​​​​​​​​​​​DASTARDLY DECEPTIONS (Reviews found at www.barnesandnoble.com)

I loved reading Dastardly Deceptions. It had romance and intrigue and it also appealed to my interest in being transported back in history. I love historical fiction but I grow tired of the cookie cutter books that seem to all be from the same formula. Dastardly Deceptions wasn't like that. It was a great story and had twists and turns that kept me captivated until the surprise ending.~ Sweet Tooth

The book Dastardly Deceptions is very intriguing and well written. It was so enjoyable that I read it in a single day and was hoping for more by the time I reached the epilogue. I really enjoyed the suspense, character detail and the story line. I am looking forward to more from this author in the future. Great Book! Well worth your time and money to read.~ Ladybug


Dastardly Deceptions, the first novel published by D. Darlene Sonntag is fantastic! Action, adventure and mystery are my primary interests and this novel has enough of all 3 to keep the attention of anyone who would usually avoid a romance novel. It is great to read a book that is not predictable and this one certainly qualifies. Just when I thought I knew what would happen next, the most significant surprises would occur and all bets were off. This would be a great choice for any book club. It has something for everyone. I hope to read much more by this talented author.

It is sometimes difficult for me to find time to read, but for this book, I made time. It was a great romance and mystery all in one! I enjoyed it greatly! My daughter is reading it now and I am comfortable with her reading it as well without worrying that it is too risque for her. I would recomend it to anyone!

Dea Fields mother of three, grandmother of six - retired secretary
What a rare find in Dastardly Deceptions! All of my favorite things in one book and so well done. I found it a page-turner and impossible to put down. It takes a good vocabulary and good usage of the language to write a clean book. I look forward to reading more after this writer's first book

Does this author have any other books? I want them.
I love her style, I love her use of adjectives and verbs, and I love her way of putting them all together. I could see the whole story happening in front of me because her way of describing things made me see them so vividly. I read it in a day. I couldn't put it down. Does she have anymore books? I can't wait to read more.

An Addiction
This book gets you sooo hooked you cannot believe what is going to happen although i am very good about telling the future i had to read to make sure my assumptions were right. i just cant help to wonder certain things hoping for the sequel to come . . .

Top notch mystery-romance
This book grabbed me from the very beginning. The mystery and romance in this story was amazing, I had to keep reading and I couldn¿t put it down. I read it in 2 days my family thought I had left town, I got totally lost in a whole other world, the author has done an incredible job of keeping you hooked. I have recommended this book to everyone I talk to and if you enjoy mystery and romance this is the book for you.

Mystery and Intrigue at its best
D. Darlene Sonntag delivers a novel with endearing romantic intrigue and a twisting plot that keeps the reader riveted until the very end. The plight of Kara and Captain Bradley, along with those closest to them, takes the reader for a wild ride that ranges from the grounds of Cliff Castle to the high seas. The well developed characters effortlessly jump off the page and come to life before the reader. This novel will keep you guessing all the way to the dramatic conclusion. I definitely recommend it!

​KATHRYN’S KISMET​ (Review found on Amazon.com)
I enjoyed reading this book so much I was reluctant to put it down, I just had to finish it. This author has become another of my favorites, her stories are well written her books are full length and the history is quite educational , I am looking forward to reading all of her books. This book had many surprises, but the ending was expected, I also appreciated all the praying that was done all in all a keeper.~Granny


​​While I do not commonly read romance novels this one was an excellent mix of Jane Austen and romance. A bit slow to begin, once the story got going it definitely held my interest. There were several excellent plot twists and it was refreshing to have characters tempted but still capable of sticking to their ideals. Occasionally the wording would slip into a more modern era, however overall the book succeeded in evoking the time period and events of the Napoleonic influence on war, politics and people's lives.~Stewart