"Tears ran down Kathryn's cheeks as she fought in terror, but she knew her efforts were useless. She heard the fabric of her dress ripping when suddenly the oppressive weight smothering her was lifted. In the dim light, Kathryn could just make out the profile of another man. As she watched, frozen in shock, her unexpected rescuer delivered a well-placed blow to her attacker's chin, sending him into unconsciousness as he slithered to the floor. Her temporary relief quickly dissipated when the newcomer turned to her. She hurriedly gathered the torn material of her dress together over her shoulder, scooting to a sitting position. She backed into a crate, cringing as she waited for another attack from the newcomer."-----Join author D. Darlene Sonntag on a journey fraught with adventure and peril, taking the girls over the high seas to one of the Maldive Islands, finally landing them in one of the most legendary harems of the early 19th Century, Topkapi Palace

Kathryn's Kismet

‚ÄčThe Debutante Series: Book Two